We urge ourselves on by meticulously refining upon our products and constantly pursuing technical innovations,
to enable each client to benefit from a superior quality product in their markets.

Anchor on one point and leverage the future.
CFT has been focusing on manufacture and innovation of driving shafts for 20 years. We have had 24 patents and accumulated rich experience in R & D and manufacture of driving shafts. In the future, we will still focus on the market of driving shafts as a professional, precision and pioneering manufacturer, to bring the most reliable products possible to our clients at the lowest possible price without sacrificing quality.
Energy conservation, emission reduction and advocation on green travel.
The complete manufacturing system facilitates CFT to make better contributions to the environment. With the support of our modular R & D and net-shape prototypes, our complete manufacturing system enables us to yield more products with less energy. Our cumulative saving on steel is 6000 tons and electricity 2000 KW. We meet our production targets while adhering to green environmental protection and energy conservation by rooting our philosophy of environmental protection in our social mission.


发布日期: 2016 - 9 - 7
发布日期: 2016 - 9 - 7
发布日期: 2016 - 9 - 7
2016年4月在超宇机械全体员工的努力下,公司顺利通过了ISO 9001 质量体系和TS 16949 质量管理体系复审,认证公司的审核专家组通过文件审核和现场审核,认为公司的…


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