Precise-forging molds are the technical cores for blank parts. Our high-quality blank production depends on advanced designing ideas, precise four-axis simultaneous machining center, superior Japanese die materia! and completed clod forging production lines. CFT gathered abundant experience in the forging field,controlling its quality at the source.

Outer joint forging line

Inner joint forging line

New-imported precise
cold forging line

Use mitsu four-axis machining
equipments to make the forging molds


All the joints are produced by fine machining cores entirely,the grooves and inner spherical surfaces surfaces are both moulded by fine machining.

The advantages:
1.The thread structure of vertical section is distributed by joints’ shape,because of which,the capability for antihitting and anti-wearing will be strengthened.

2.The bevel edge beside bell-housing’s groove are cold is difficult to complete by traditiongal cutting process. We will guaranett the consistency and uniformity of the bevel edge,which can make the steel ball touch the groove effectively.
3.Economize steel.reduce working procedure ,and shorten production cycle.


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