Excellent quality depends on precise machines. CFT invested a lot to purchase CNC lathes from Japan and grinders from Taiwan Wei Tai, reducing the man-made influence and ensuring the products' machining dimensions.

Grinders produced by Taiwan WeiTai

Precise grinding of grooves and inner sghericai surface


Tow、Outer joints’ inner shape is different from others,there are 3 aspects:
1.There is reinforcement plate in the bottom of the inner shape of joint,(its shape is extended bgroove’s shape).the advantage:
A.good for groove’s grinding ensure the consistency of the groove’s length
B.make non-hot forging part stronger ang harder

2.There are 6 grooves on the spherical surface between inner part and cage of joints, it can make cage and bell-housing more lubricate,reduce the friction between cage and bell-housing when they move,in orderto low the tempreture of the bell-housing,and last the life of the product.

3.The grooves of race and bell-housings are double circular arc,the touching point between steel ball and groove is around 45 degree angle,in that case,we can ensure the groove lubricate enough.

Three、The outer joint and its race are all grinded by WEITAI-CNC machine,with which,CFT will precise the joint’s size,and make sure the uniform allocation and flexibility.

CFT Grinding Machines

Wei Tai-CNC grinding machine workshop

Grinding machine for bell-housing's grooves

Grinding machine for race's grooves

Four、To sum up,CFT’S C.V joine is unique,as a result,it can be differentiate from others without any aigns easily,and hard to imitate.


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